Using the Bonterms Standard Agreement in the Atlassian Marketplace

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What is the Bonterms Standard Agreement?

Atlassian offers the Bonterms Standard Agreement for Marketplace Transactions (“Bonterms Standard Agreement”) as a streamlined end-user contracting option in the Atlassian Marketplace.

The Bonterms Standard Agreement was designed by a committee of 100 lawyers to offer a best-practice standard agreement that balances the interests of both Marketplace Partners and customers. This agreement is free to use and licensed under the open source document license CC BY ND.

Marketplace Partners can adapt the Bonterms Standard Agreement for their Cloud or Data Center apps by linking out to Attachments (such as a DPA, Security Policy, Support Policy, or SLA) that are tailored for their business and how they provide their products. Partners can also add Provider-Specific Terms in their app’s listing on Marketplace to customize the base agreement as necessary (for instance, to specify a different governing law and jurisdiction).

Why use the Bonterms Standard Agreement?

Atlassian customers have expressed frustration with the current status quo, where each Marketplace App may have its own custom terms and conditions. Reviewing a custom legal agreement for an app takes time and legal resources - and for customers who are migrating to Cloud, this process must be repeated for each app they want to bring on their Cloud migration journey.

Customers benefit from the Bonterms Standard Agreement by having a baseline set of legal terms that they only need to review once but can use to purchase any participating apps. These customers can focus instead on the limited Attachments and Provider-Specific Terms that vary from app to app, reducing friction and accelerating the app review process.

By adopting the Bonterms Standard Agreement, Marketplace Partners can benefit from a balanced agreement representing industry best practices and make it easy and fast for customers to review and purchase their apps.

How do I use the Standard Agreement?

  1. Review the Bonterms Standard Agreement with your lawyer to make sure it works for you. You can learn more about how the Standard Agreement works here.

  2. Designate the Standard Agreement as your EULA. Using the functionality of the Atlassian Marketplace, enter as the URL for your app's EULA.

  3. Specify any Provider-Specific Terms. Specify any Attachments you are adding to the Standard Agreement (such as an AUP, Security Measures, SLA or Support Policy) and any additions to or modifications of the Standard Agreement you are making (Additional Terms) under More details in your Listing.

You can also review answers to frequently asked questions about Bonterms Standard Agreements here.

See how this might look on an Atlassian Marketplace listing page:

Example Implementation on Atlassian Marketplace

Bonterms is an independent company and it makes the Bonterms Standard Agreement available to all parties for free under the open source document license CC BY ND.

Atlassian is not a party to the Bonterms Standard Agreement and it does not change the terms of any agreement you or your customers may have with Atlassian (including the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Agreement and Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use).