How to Use:
Bonterms Standard Agreement for Marketplace Transactions


The Bonterms Standard Agreement for Marketplace Transactions (Version 1.0) is designed to ease contracting between Providers and Customers in an enterprise app Marketplace.

Once adopted by the Marketplace, individual Providers can designate the Standard Agreement as the end user terms under which their Product, either a Cloud Servicer or Provider Software (installed software), is made available to the Customer.

The Standard Agreement is the end user agreement governing use of the Product between the Provider and Customer. The purchase terms for the Subscription remain separate between the Marketplace provider (or other reseller) and the Customer.

The Marketplace itself does not enter into the Bonterms Standard Agreement and the Standard Agreement does not modify any other terms between (i) the Marketplace and the Provider or (ii) the Marketplace and the Customer (such as purchase terms).

The Bonterms Standard Agreement is free to use by all parties under CC BY ND.


How to Use:

As a Provider:
  1. Find a Participating Marketplace. Find a Marketplace that offers the Bonterms Standard Agreement or ask your favorite Marketplace to make it available as an option.
  2. Review the Bonterms Standard Agreement with your lawyer to make sure it works for you.
  3. Create your Listing. Describe your Product, either a Cloud Service (SaaS) or Provider Software (installed software) and the terms of your Subscription offering in your Listing on the Marketplace.
  4. Designate the Standard Agreement. Using the functionality of the Marketplace, designate the Bonterms Standard Agreement for Marketplace Transactions as the end user agreement for your Product in the Listing.
  5. Specify any Provider-Specific Terms. Specify any Attachments you are adding to the Standard Agreement (such as an AUP, Security Measures, SLA or Support Policy) and any additions to or modifications of the Standard Agreement you are making (Additional Terms) in your Listing.
As a Marketplace:
  1. Add the Bonterms Standard Agreement as an end user agreement option. You may make the Bonterms Standard Agreement available for use in your Marketplace without charge. You may deploy it by linking to the version hosted by Bonterms or by posting an exact duplicate version in your Marketplace, but you may not change the text in any way.
  2. Contact Bonterms for Help. Please contact Bonterms at for free support for your implementation and access to best practice guidance.
Thank you for participating in the standard contracting movement. We welcome your questions and feedback.

Bonterms does not provide legal advice, does not guarantee the enforceability of the Standard Agreement for Marketplace Transactions and has no liability relating to its use.