Bonterms How-to-Use and Success Videos

Success Stories

Cloud Terms Success: Alexis Liu (Dataiku)

Alexis Liu, Director of Legal at Dataiku, talks about her success using the Bonterms Cloud Terms with sophisticated enterprise customers.

Cloud Terms Success: Gavin Zee (Sentry) + Macy Mody (SafeBase)

What happens when an enterprise customer sends the Bonterms Cloud Terms to a new provider? Could it be a one-cycle deal?

NDA Success at Scale: Eric Lentell (Archer)

Eric Lentell, Deputy General Counsel of Archer, shares about using the Bonterms Mutual NDA at scale with demanding aviation industry partners.

NDA + Cloud Terms Success: Amy Rose (Crossbeam)

Amy Rose, General Counsel of Crossbeam, shares her success in using the Bonterms NDA for strategic partnership discussions and Cloud Terms for procuring SaaS products.


How to Use: Bonterms NDA + Cloud Terms

Learn how to configure a Cover Page and use a Bonterms Mutual NDA or Cloud Terms in your next transaction.

Benefits of Using Bonterms Standard Agreements

Why does using a standard agreement make sense for both enterprise customers and providers?

Bonterms & Community

Gary Mintz of Miro: "Standard Agreements are the Future"

Gary Mintz, Head of Commercial Transactions at Miro, joins Bonterms CEO Todd Smithline for a chat about standard agreements and the future of commercial contracting.