How To Use

Check out our How-to-Use tutorial videos here.

How to Use the Cloud Terms:

  • 1

    Review the Cloud Terms with your lawyer.

  • 2

    Prepare your Cover Page (example).

    • Identify the parties, Effective Date and other Key Terms.
    • Propose any Additional Terms (examples).
  • 3

    Incorporate any Attachments by reference.

    • Add any Service Level Agreement (use the Bonterms SLA or your own), Support Policy (example), Acceptable Use Policy (example), DPA, Security Policy or other Attachments by linking or attaching it to the Cover Page.
  • 4

    Send your Cover Page (and Attachments) to your counterparty.

  • 5

    Negotiate the Cover Page and Attachments.

  • 6

    Sign the Cover Page and create your Cloud Agreement!

  • 7

    Issue or receive Orders (example).

How to Use the Mutual NDA:

  • 1

    Have your lawyer review the NDA.

  • 2

    On the Cover Page, fill in the Key Terms, add the party names and make any proposed edits to the NDA in the space for Additional Changes.

  • 3

    Send the Cover Page and NDA to your counterparty. Negotiate only the Cover Page!