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Cloud Terms (Cover Page version)

Enterprise SaaS/Cloud service subscription terms balanced between customer and provider.

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Cloud Terms Link

Cloud Terms

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Cover Page

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Additional Terms Toolkit

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AI Standard Clauses Link

AI Standard Clauses

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Data Protection Addendum (DPA) Link

Data Protection Addendum (DPA)

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DPA Setup Page

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DPA Schedules

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DPA Toolkit

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Service Level Agreement (SLA) Link

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
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Support Policy
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Bonterms Cloud Terms v1.0, Released: February 4, 2022. Permalink, GitHub
Bonterms AI Standard Clauses v1.0, Released: October 2, 2023. Permalink
Bonterms Service Level Agreement v1.0, Released: July 15, 2022. Permalink, GitHub
Bonterms Data Protection Addendum v1.0, Released: October 19, 2022. Permalink, GitHub
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Online Cloud Terms (Website version)

Standard Online Cloud Terms implemented by provider by reference from its website.

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Standard Agreements

Online Cloud Terms HTML Link

Online Cloud Terms

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Online Cloud Terms Instructions

HTML Code Copy

Online Cloud Terms HTML Code Copy

Bonterms Online Cloud Terms v1.0, Released: April 11, 2024. Permalink
Free to use under CC BY ND
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Professional Services Agreement

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Standard Agreements

PSA Link

Professional Services Agreement (PSA)



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PSA Toolkit

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Bonterms Professional Services Agreement v1.2, Released: July 12, 2023. Permalink, GitHub
Free to use under CC BY 4.0

Mutual NDA

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Standard Agreements

Mutual NDA Link

Mutual NDA

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Cover Page

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NDA Toolkit

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Bonterms Mutual NDA v1.0, Released: July 16, 2021. Permalink, GitHub
Free to use under CC BY 4.0


User Spotlight

What do legal innovators have to say about Bonterms Standard Agreements?

"Standardizing on the Bonterms NDA has allowed us to enter into thousands of NDAs with discerning partners with almost none of the old back and forth. It’s real innovation.”

– Eric Lentell | Deputy General Counsel
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“Why do we sell on Bonterms? To skip the battle over whose form to use, preserve goodwill, and move straight to negotiating the issues that both sides really care about while leveraging a robust set of underlying core terms.”

– Jerry Levine | Chief Evangelist & General Counsel
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"Definitely more than a 'nice to have.' We met a vendor on Bonterms and we got contracting done in minutes. Let me repeat that: contracts were done in MINUTES. Zero negotiation and fair and balanced terms for both."

– Gary Mintz | Head of Commercial Legal

"Being able to rely on Bonterms' trusted set of market-calibrated contracts is instrumental to our closing more deals, faster, on terms we can live with."

– Gavin Zee | Head of Commercial Transactions
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"At Abnormal Security, our Legal team often meets our customers, vendors, and partners on Bonterms. We also encourage the industry to seriously consider opting into use of these amazing templates. Contracting can and should be better, and I believe that Bonterms is moving the needle."

– Evan LeBon | VP, Head of Legal
Abnormal Security
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"We view using the Bonterms Cloud Terms for Dataiku Online as a way of building trust with our customers. The terms were vetted by experts and in-house counsel at leading companies to create a balanced, frictionless contracting experience."

– Alexis Liu | Director of Legal
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"Using Bonterms allows us to leverage a balanced, best-practice set of terms and focus directly on the data, security and other issues we care most about in procuring new solutions."

– Rob Walker | Principal Legal Counsel
New Relic

65k Events

Bonterms reached 65,000 Standard Agreement views/downloads on 5/7/24.


Our Standard Agreements Committee is composed of in-house and law firm lawyers, negotiation professionals and law faculty and students. We are extremely proud of this group and appreciate their extensive efforts in reviewing and  improving our Standard Agreements.


Bonterms is simplifying commercial contracting. Our enterprise Standard Agreements let the parties start from a balanced foundation and negotiate by Cover Page, not redlines. The Bonterms Platform leverages our Standard Agreements to take collaborative dealmaking to the next level.

Bonterms is lawyer-led and funded by XYZ Capital and Wilson Sonsini.

Read our story, watch our videos or contact us with any questions.


Todd Smithline

Todd Smithline

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Smithline is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Bonterms.

Todd has been designing, negotiating and teaching contracts for nearly thirty years.

Todd was General Counsel of Marimba, an enterprise software company he helped lead from start-up to successful public company. After Marimba Todd founded Smithline PC, a boutique technology transactions firm that represented category-leading Silicon Valley software/SaaS, platform and device companies and pioneered fixed-fee subscription billing. Todd started his legal career with Latham & Watkins and Gunderson Dettmer.

Todd teaches at UC Berkeley School of Law and is a board member or advisor to multiple start-ups.

Todd is a graduate of Tufts University and UCLA School of Law.

Drew Dillon

Drew Dillon

Head of Product (Acting)

Drew Dillon is Acting Head of Product at Bonterms.

Drew is a founder, advisor and fractional Chief Product Officer with over 15 years of experience in product management. Previously, he served as the Chief Product Officer at Skedulo and VP of Product at Fond, where he led the product, engineering, and design teams. Additionally, he was an early member of the product team at Yammer before the acquisition by Microsoft. Andrew most recently founded Burb, a startup in the community space.

Drew is a graduate of Virginia Tech.

Patrick Mullin

Patrick Mullin

Head of Operations

Patrick Mullin is Head of Operations at Bonterms.

Patrick is charged with systemizing and improving every process and service at Bonterms. Prior to joining Bonterms, Patrick was Technology Manager for Propeller Industries, a provider of strategic CFO and finance services to growing companies. While at Propeller, Patrick developed products that delivered financial and operational insights to Propeller’s clients and also managed the company’s internal business and technology systems.

Patrick started his career as a corporate paralegal in the private equity transactions practice at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett.

Patrick is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.


Derek Schwede

Derek Schwede

Advisor & Committee Co-Lead

Derek Schwede is an Advisor to Bonterms and Co-Lead of its Standard Agreements Committee.

Derek is Head of Legal at Modern Treasury, a fintech payments software company. Derek was previously a principal at Smithline PC, a boutique technology transactions firm where he represented category-leading Silicon Valley software/SaaS, platform and device companies. Derek began his legal career with Morrison & Foerster.

Derek teaches at UC Hastings School of Law and is a graduate of Rice University and Harvard Law School.


XYZ Venture Capital – Bonterms Investor
Wilson Sonsini

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