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Support Policy Attachment

(for Bonterms Cloud Terms)

Provider offers Support for the Cloud Service in accordance with the following terms (“Support Policy”). If referenced by the parties on their Cover Page, this Support Policy operates as an Attachment to an Agreement created using the Bonterms Cloud Terms. Capitalized terms not defined in this Support Policy have the meanings given in the Bonterms Cloud Terms.

1. Support Hours. Support is provided during Provider’s normal business hours of [ __ to __ ___, Monday through Friday, except U.S. holidays].

2. Incident Submission and Customer Cooperation. Customer may report errors or abnormal behavior of the Cloud Service (“Incidents”) by contacting Provider at the applicable email or phone number specified in the table below. Customer will provide information and cooperation to Provider as reasonably required for Provider to provide Support. This includes providing the following information to Provider regarding the Incident:

  • Aspects of the Cloud Service that are unavailable or not functioning correctly
  • Incident’s impact on users
  • Start time of Incident
  • List of steps to reproduce Incident
  • Relevant log files or data
  • Wording of any error message
  • Incident ID# (when specified by Provider)

3. Incident Response. Provider’s Support personnel will assign a priority level (“Priority Level”) to each Incident and seek to provide responses in accordance with the table below.

Priority LevelDescriptionContact Number/
Email Address
Target Response Time
Priority 1Operation of the Cloud Service is critically affected (not responding to requests or serving content) for a large number of users; no workaround available.[ __ Business Hour(s)]
Priority 2Cloud Service is responding and functional but performance is degraded, and/or Incident has potentially severe impact on operation of the Cloud Service for multiple users.[ __ Business Day(s)]
Priority 3Non-critical issue; no significant impact on performance of the Cloud Service but user experience may be affected.[ __ Business Day(s)]

4. Exclusions. Provider will have no obligation to provide Support to the extent an Incident arises from: (a) misuse or unauthorized modifications to the Cloud Service, (b) Third-Party Platforms or other third-party systems, (c) Trials and Betas or other free or evaluation use or (d) Professional Services deliverables.